Chemistry- Periodic Table Resources

Interactive Periodic Tables

Chemicool Periodic Table– click an element on the table to learn more about it

Comic Book Periodic Table– click an element and see how it was used in a comic book

Ptable– interactive periodic table (select a tab such as “Wikipedia” or “orbitals” and then click the element you want to learn about

David’s Whizzy Periodic Table– click “nucleus view” or “shell view” to see the atom, info about each element is displayed on the below

Review Games

Element Game– match the element symbol with the element name

Melting and Boiling– practice reading a temperature/time graph and identify the melting and boiling point of unidentified elements

Proton Don– click “go” to play, just type in the name of the highlighted symbol on the periodic table.  How many can you get right?

Other Chemistry Resources

The Atoms Family–  characters like Frankenstein and Dracula present information on elements and energy, based on an exhibit at the Miami Science Museum

Chem4Kids– good basic chemistry info

Creative Chemistry– a chemistry class website with good resources

States of Matter– look at the molecules of each state, by Harcourt School Publishers


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