ANDRILL– Antarctic geologic drilling

The Antarctic Sun News for the United States Antarctic Program

CReSIS– Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets

EducaPolesInternational Polar Foundation

International Polar Year (ICS & WMO)-International Council for Science and World Meteorological Organization

International Polar Year from the International Space Station

International Polar Year (United States)- National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine & National Research Council polar resources

International Polar Year (USGS)РUnited States Geologic Survey resources on polar resources, also check out these USGS educational resources

NeMO project of the National Atmospheric and Oceanographic Administration – New Millenium Observatory is a seafloor observatory at an active volcano with hydrothermal vents

Polar-Palooza– check out the video podcasts, scientist talks, and resources

PRISM K-12 Polar Resources– Polar Radar for Ice Sheet Measurements

Ridge 2000– Earth’s oceanic spreading ridge system

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