Unit 4: Genetics

Cell Division


Bozeman Science MITOSIS

Mitosis animation (3 min)

Mitosis Rap (great description of what happens during each phase)



Bozeman Science MEIOSIS

Meiosis stages diagram


Patterns of Heredity

Mendel and His Peas– Complex Informational Text from Khan Academy

Video Gregor Mendel- As you watch ask yourself: Why is he considered the “Father of Genetics” and be able to explain how his experiments proved that you can predict how likely a child will look like his parents.


Punnett Squares

Quizlet for 6 Critical Key Terms for Solving Punnett Squares

Bozeman Science Punnett Squares

Punnett Square Videos used in our class stations:

Station 3

Station 4 

Station 5

Station 6

Punnett Square Games


Dihybrid Crosses

How To Do Dihybrid Cross by the Biology Project- written description of how to solve punnett square for 2 traits.  This one uses uses the example of Mendel’s green and yellow peas.

Dyhbrid Crosses video from the amoeba sisters tells how to set up a punnett square for predicting the probability two traits in potential offspring.

Genetic Diseases

Marfan Syndrome- How Do Your Genes Fit?



Rules for drawing a pedigree

Amoeba Sisters’ pedigree

Queen Victoria and hemophilia (4.5 mins)




Chromosomes, Genes & Alleles


DNA Structure & Replication


Banana DNA extraction   (slides for class)


Genetic and Environmental Factors (Nature vs Nurture)

Environmental Influences on Gene Expression

Why are more people right handed?

TED talk- epigenetics