Unit 3: Cells tutorial page

Living versus Nonliving

Characteristics of Living Things video (6 min; includes vocabulary unicellular, multicellular, stimulus)

7 Characteristics of Living Things (10 min, shows examples of each; includes vocabulary stimulus, adapt, homeostasis, unicellular, multicellular, specialization)

Remember the acronym MRSGREN for the 7 characteristics of living things

(source for acronym: Jessica Smith’s Cells Interactive Notebook Reading Comprehension Bundle available from Teachers Pay Teachers)

Video: Levels of Organization (2 min 30 sec)


Microscope Parts– definitions and diagram with moving arrows

Microscope Parts Quizlet

Important people to know: Robert Hooke & Anton van Leewenhoek

The Cell Theory

Important people to know: Schwann, Schleiden & Virchow

The Wacky History of the Cell Theory video (6 min)

advanced reading on the cell theory (note that our standardized tests will focus on the 3 main parts of the cell theory but this article includes current additions)

Levels of Organization

Levels of organization (definition and examples listed)

Visual Levels of Organization for

Prokaryotic versus Eukaryotic Cells

Informational Text Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells (CK12) Answer REVIEW questions

Plant & Animal Cells

Plant and animal cell diagram with organelles labeled 1

Plant and animal cell diagrams with organelle & functions labeled

Cell Organelles and their functions chart

Plant & animal cell diagrams with labels 2

Differences in plant cells versus animal cells

Quizlet for organelles and their functions

Animal and plant cell comparison (diagrams and description of differences in organelles)



Euglena diagram parts labeled

Euglena microscope photograph labeled

Euglena comparison of diagram and microscope photograph labeled


Paramecium diagram parts labeled

Paramecium microscope photograph labeled


Volvox diagram labeled

Volvox microscope photograph and diagram


Cell Division


Bozeman Science MITOSIS

Mitosis animation (3 min)

Mitosis Rap (great description of what happens during each phase)



Bozeman Science MEIOSIS

Meiosis stages diagram