Graphic Organizers and Thinking Maps

Thinking Maps

Thinking Map Templates

(download editable thinking map templates, uses Microsoft Word, good site for students to go to)


Thinking Maps Inc– CREATORS of thinking maps

Download Editable Thinking Maps posted by

How to Choose Between Different Styles of Thinking Maps

Thinking Maps– overview of 8 thinking maps, explanations and examples

Pat Wolf Video– explains how brain research supports thinking maps

Sonoma County Office of Education– part of a series of briefs published for teachers to support best practices


Graphic Organizers (Good Resources)

BrainPOP– teacher submitted graphic organizers

EdHelper– graphic organizers grouped by type

Education Oasis– There are icon images of misc graphic organizers on the bottom but don’t miss the text links to categories of graphic organizers at the top

Education Place– pdf files of graphic organizers

Enchanted Learning– printable worksheets that are part of a subscription service

Graphic Organizers for Accelerating, Acquiring or  Extending/Refining Learning– an extensive list of printable graphic organizers

Graphic Organizers for Reading Comprehension from Scholastic- grouped by organizer patterns, reading comprehension, story elements, and assessment

Graphic Organizers for Writing– by the West Virginia Department of Education

Holt Interactive Graphic Organizers– graphic organizer templates that you can type in before printing, good for students to use if they are going to post their work on a class websites

Lee’s Summit– links to downloadable/web-based programs, online interactive programs, and pre-made graphic organizers

National Center on Accessible Instructional Materials– this article cites research and gives a good overview of graphic organizers

TeacherFiles– several graphic organizers for students demonstrate text comprehension

TeacherVision– grouped by grade level, subject and type

Thinkport– choose the format (html, pdf, or Word)

Vermilion Parish Schools– a great list, includes ipad apps

WorksheetWorks– lets you modify templates of graphic organizers before printing


Specific Graphic Organizers I:

5W’s and H Hand (I have students trace their own hand instead of making copies)

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