Engineering Lesson Resources

STEM challenge rubric– This is the general rubric I use with STEM challenges and engineering activities.   When students finish a lab I have them draw a line which is labeled L.O.L. (for Line of Learning) and write a summary of their learning.  Checkpoints are used when checking work, particularly when using an activity sheet or  smaller activity.

STEM challenge lab report template– This is a very simple template I use to facilitate STEM challenge activities.  I usually print the criteria and constraints for students to glue in their Interactive Notebook and students write the rest of the lab report as they do the activity.


Great resources for after school engineering clubs or camps:

Engineering Activities available from TeachersPayTeachers:

(Most are good activity ideas but need some fleshing out.  Some are bundled at a reduced price)

STEM Engineering Challenges Mega Bundle- 36 STEM Challenges!      STEM Activities - 10 STEM Challenges      STEM Bundle      STEM Engineering Activities for Elementary School

STEM IT! And Protect the Head! Exploring Materials Engineering     STEM Activity Challenge 16 Pack 3rd, 4th & 5th grades     STEM Engineering Challenge Projects ~ TEN PACKS #1- #9     Gifted and Talented COMPLETE 4TH GRADE PROGRAM 85+ Contact Hours!


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