Vocabulary Frayer Model Directions

Frayer model directions:

  1. Write your name, date and class on the back side of a piece of white copy paper; only information about the word should show on the front side.
  2. Write the term in the center.  You don’t have to draw a box around the term, but the word needs to be very prominent.
  3. Write a definition in the upper left corner.  This needs to be clear and complete.  It should be understandable to other students who are learning about the word from your card.
  4. In the upper right corner write facts and characteristics that will help explain what your word means.  Think about what is important for other students to know about your word if they are really going to “get” it.
  5. In the lower left corner share examples of the word.  You can use words and pictures.  Think about what your word would look like in “real life.”
  6. In the lower right corner share non-examples.  This is more than just a list of the million things that your word is not.  Think about what makes your word different from other words.  Is it close to another word but you could explain how they’re different?  Does it have an antonym?  The important thing is that knowing your non-example helps us understand the word better.
  7. Look at your card.  Is it appealing?  Can you decorate it?  Try to make it so that other students will want to look at your card and find it interesting to learn from.

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