Click the links below to watch each video lesson on youtube.

Blood Path– a “cheer” to help you learn the path that blood takes through the heart, lungs and body.  This video is an introduction to the cheer, which I’ve found especially useful to use as a review exercise. (Special thanks to Amber, LaQuavia, and “D” who videotaped and participated as the audience)

Blood Path part 2– drawing the path and using a textbook diagram to trace blood’s path through the heart, lungs and body.  I choose to present in this order (cheer, then draw, then textbook)  so that students focus on the “big picture” instead of trying to memorize one artist’s diagram.  We use the cheer first to talk through the parts and how form fits function.  Then we draw the general path to solidify what we know and have a written record for review later.  Last we compare several artists’ illustrations of blood’s path.

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