Foldable Book Report


  • Take a manilla folder and fold each side toward the center (the file tabs will overlap and make your report cover).


  • Cover- The cover includes pictures, the title, the author, and the student’s name, date & period. (20 points)
  • Summary- The summary is well-written and includes many aspects of the story.  It is clear the student understood the story.  (20 points)
  • Vocabulary Words- At least 4 unkown words are defined and displayed.  (15 points)
  • Conflict/Resolution- The conflict that the main character faces is identified and the resolution is accurately describe.  (15 points)
  • Illustrations- The illustrations are creative, detailed and colorful.  (20 points)
  • Reflection- The student writes a reflection that is well thought out and relevant to the book (10 points)

*project idea used with permission of CWeiss

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