MVP Award- process page

 Introduction     Process   Resources   MVP Rubric  Conclusion  Due Dates 2013

 STEP 1.

Create a labeled diagram on poster paper of your body system. Label at least 8 parts. For websites on your body system, go to the RESOURCE page.

STEP 2. 

Using the vocabulary from your diagram, find definitions using Word Central. Click on dictionary. Write 5-8 definitions of the main parts of your body system.

STEP 3. 

Now go to Discovery School’s Puzzlemaker and create your own Criss-Cross Puzzle using the vocabulary and definitions.

STEP 4. 

Return to RESOURCE page. Read about your body system and complete an online quiz.

STEP 5. 

Print the INTERVIEW QUESTIONS.  Using websites for your system found on the RESOURCE PAGE find answers to the interview questions.

STEP 6.   

Present a live interview about your system to the class.

STEP 7.   

Decide which format you will use to present your compelling argument as to why your system should win the MVP Award.

STEP 8. 

Print and fill in the MVP Rubric sheet and hand in to the teacher.

STEP 9.  

Prepare your final presentation and an acceptance speech.      

STEP 10.


**The content from this page is copied directly from created by Frances Renzullo-Cuzzetto, Mary Ferraby, Nancy Marion and Pamela McLeod 2007, with modification of “MVP” instead of “Chester Awards” to fit directions given to my students.  Also, the resources link goes to resources I’ve compiled.

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