Anatomy- Body Systems MVP Award Project

Introduction     Process   Resources   MVP Rubric  Conclusion  Due Dates 2013

Body Systems MVP Award

It’s time for the  annual Body Systems Most Valuable Player AwardsThis prestigious award goes to the body system that has proven itself to be the most valuable team player.  This year’s nominees include:

Cardiovascular (Circulatory) System

Respiratory System

Endocrine System

Digestive System

Lymphatic System

Integumentary System

Muscular System

Nervous System

Skeletal System


Your team’s presentation must convince the audience that your body system is most deserving of the MVP award.

  • Choose how you will present the information
  • Demonstrate why the body cannot survive without your system
  • Audience members will vote to determine the winner


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  • Inspired by project created by Frances Renzullo-Cuzzetto, Mary Ferraby, Nancy Marion and Pamela McLeod, 2007.  I liked the overall idea of nominating body systems for an award and addressing homeostasis through an acceptance speech.  I also liked how they set up the project instructions using page links.  I expanded the project idea to best fit my students and curriculum.  The process page, rubric, and conclusion questions are directly from the original project by Frances Renzullo-Cuzzetto, Mary Ferraby, Nancy Marion and Pamela McLeod.
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