Homework 9/12/16

Science: Sign Lab Safety Rules

Due previously: Media Consent Form

Homeroom: Emergency Forms

Social Studies: Geography Packet (has map questions for each day of the week, entire packet will be collected Monday)

**Students were given a calendar to record their homework.  It’s on bright yellow paper.

Vocabulary Test Thurs, Jan 28, 2016

Classes create a vocabulary list based on what we are studying.  The list will close on Tuesday and the test will be Thursday.  Students need to be able to define and use the terms.

6th grade classes 215 & 235 list:

  1. absorb
  2. abundant
  3. altitude
  4. atmosphere
  5. composition
  6. convection
  7. density
  8. omit
  9. radiation
  10. reflect

6th grade 222 list:

  1. abundant
  2. altitude
  3. analogy
  4. atmosphere
  5. balloonist
  6. composition
  7. density
  8. hurtling
  9. reflect
  10. radiation

7th grade 218 list:

  1. control variable
  2. dependent variable
  3. red blood cell
  4. white blood cell
  5. hemophilia
  6. independent variable
  7. plasma
  8. platelet
  9. variable

**Note: middle school students have homework every night except Friday.  This week 6th grade students have a daily science worksheet and to study their vocabulary each night.  7th grade students have an informational text with questions and to study their vocabulary each night.


Science Fair Paper help

If you want me to look over the final draft of your paper and offer suggestions, you need to email it to me before Thanksgiving break.  Use Google Docs and then share it so I can edit.  That way I can make suggestions directly in the document.

Remember that the entire science fair project is due Dec 1st.