Invention Convention 2014

Over 1,000 students participated in the 2014 CPS Invention Convention at 10 schools.  Over 150 students participated in the final competition.

From Washington Irving: Max won Honorable Mention, Emmanuel won 2nd place for 5th grade, Susy won 3rd place for 7th grade, and Ida won 3rd place overall.

Invention Fun 26[1] Invention Fun 28[1]Invention Fun 20[1] Invention Fun 18[1]  Invention Fun 22[1]Invention Fun 23[1]   Invention Fun 15[1] Invention Fun 9[1] Invention Fun 14[1] Invention Fun 10[1] Invention Fun 8[1] Invention Fun 6[1] Invention Fun 5[1]Invention Fun 12[1]

We are extremely proud of how our students represented Irving Elementary.  Check out the CPS Spotlight article about the Invention Convention.  We were even highlighted in CPS CEO Barbara Byrd Bennett’s May 2014 Newsletter: “Our second annual Invention Convention showcased the innovation and creativity of 150 students, all of who used science, technology and their own imaginations to create inventions that solve every-day problems. First place went to Autumn DeBonnett and Ariel McGee, third-graders at Skinner West, who came up with a tool that rolls butter smoothly onto bread. Andrew Diaz, a 5th-grader from Talcott Elementary, took second with a mobile app that helps students organize their schoolwork, and Irving 4th-grader Ida Maina placed third with a sensor designed to help the police solve crimes. The Invention Convention was held at Crain Technical Prep High School and included hands-on science and technology activities for all participating students.”

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