Invention Convention

Jose de Diego Invention Convention Thursday, March 3, 2016

CPS level Invention Convention Saturday, April 2, 2016

What’s the Invention Convention?  It’s where students identify everyday problems and then make a product (their invention) that helps solve that problem.  Check out this video to see some examples.



  1. Display Board
  2. Student Journal
  3. Working Prototype




2016 Timeline:


Date Step What should I do?
before Jan 23 GET STUDENT JOURNAL PACKET Let Mrs.Falwell know you want to participate so she copies a Student Journal Packet for you
STEP 1: IDENTIFY PROBLEMS Start writing down your ideas and make an invention convention notebook, make a list of problems
STEP 2: BRAINSTORM SOLUTIONS Pick several problems from your list and think of ways to solve them
STEP 3: MAKE SURE IT’S A NEW THING Pick one problem & solution from your idea list, look in stores and on the internet, be sure to write down where you looked as proof that your idea is new
before Jan 29 Turn in Student Journal page 3 Get Mrs. Falwell to sign and date the page after you fill it in
STEP 4: MAKE YOUR PROTOTYPE Draw a plan and build your invention, test how well it works
before Feb 12 Turn in Student Journal page 4-5 Get Mrs. Falwell to sign and date the pages after you fill them in
Continue testing and making improvements to your prototype Keep making notes in your invention notebook about what you try and your results
before Feb 26 Turn in Student Journal pages 7, 2 Get Mrs. Falwell to sign and date the pages after you fill them in
STEP 5: MAKE YOUR BOARD AND PLAN YOUR PRESENTATION plan your board design and then make it, practice “selling” your invention to the judges as a great solution to your problem
March 3 STEP 6: THE INVENTION CONVENTION bring your board, prototype and Student Journal and be ready to demonstrate your invention to the class for the Diego Invention Convention
Saturday, April 2 CPS INVENTION CONVENTION If invited, present your invention to the judges at the CPS invention convention



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