Funky Formulas (Math Goes Hollywood)

Funky Formulas is a class created for our Bengal Success Period remediation.  The objective for this remediation class is to help students learn and apply the formulas for surface area and volume.  We use music and movement (what I call “cheers”) to learn and review the formulas.  We then apply those formulas to our world and share our observations “Hollywood Style.”


Best Songs & Videos for Remembering the Formulas (Surface Area & Volume)

Surface Area Song- Test day is a good day: Catchy island-style tune to help you remember calculating the surface area means you need to find the area of all the faces and “add them all up.”  A good introduction to using songs for learning formulas.

**Surface Area Song- Don’t Forget to Square-ia the Area!: One of my favorite formula songs.  It’s catchy and gets the formulas stuck in your head.  It even reminds you to always label your answers.

Dashing Through the Formulas:  Teaches surface area formulas for sphere, cube, and triangular prism  This is the “cheer” that I made up to help us learn the surface area formulas.  It uses the tune of Jingle Bells (Dashing Through The Snow).  The volume “cheer” is to the tune ofThe Farmer in the Dell.

Surface Area Song- “rising up to the challenge of your mind”:  Student choir sings to the tune of Eye of the Tiger.  The words scroll by so it’s easy to follow.

Surface Area Song- Triangles: Just music but words are on the screen.  It’s a big-band version of Jingle Bells.

  Best Videos to Visually Explain Surface Area and Volume Formulas

Volume & Surface Area: Watch as the 3-dimensional objects take shape and the formula develops.  Great way to visually explain the formulas! Includes rectangular prism, cylinder, and right triangular prism.

Surface Area of a Sphere: Use the surface (peel) of an orange to visually explain the formula for surface area of a sphere.

Surface Ares of a Cylindrical Solid: Visually shows the shapes and how the formula of a cylinder is derived.




*icon images from:  music notes, 3D shapes

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