Robot Revolution Block Party at MSI

The Jose de Diego and Sabin robotics team are participating in Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry’s Robotic Revolution Block Party Sunday, Oct 11, 2015.

This is the 2nd year that Jose de Diego was invited to participate.  Last year Diego’s robotics team was honored as the only CPS middle school invited to participate with high school robotics teams.

Check out their robots as they play soccer and students show off their engineering and programming skills!  Then tour the Robot Revolution special exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry.


Quizzes: 7th grade Tuesday, Sept 29 and 6th grade Wed, Sept 30, 2015

7th grade-

Quiz Tuesday on Observation, Inference and Variables.  You will need to identify statements as observation or inference.  You will need to identify examples as one of the 3 kinds of variables: independent, dependent or control.  You will use examples from Dr. Goldberger’s pellagra experiment and from our sensitivity experiment (with the toothpicks).


6th grade-

Quiz Wednesday on the structure of the Earth- layers, and formation of volcanoes.  You will need to label the layers of the earth and describe each layer.  For volcanoes you will need to match each type and describe how they form.  Volcano types include fountain, curtain and flow.


6th grade earthquake assignment

6th grade students need to finish their public service announcement about earthquakes.  It needs to include:

  •  What causes earthquakes?
  • What should a person do to be safe during an earthquake?
  • Why is it important for someone to know about earthquakes?  (Why should they pay attention to this announcement?)


This is the article you had access to in class about earthquake risk in the USA


For 7th grade room 309

Students will turn in their essay at the end of class tomorrow.  We are working on this in class, but some students chose to also work on it at home.  This is what should be included:

-State which clinical trial you chose to fund

*Justify your choice by citing textual evidence

*Address concerns of the opposing view (why did you choose this trial instead of the others?)

-If additional funds become available, how would you vote to give the next money to?  Why?

-Is there a trial you would not fund?  If so, why?

No homework Thanksgiving week

Thanksgiving Break begins Wednesday, November 26.  Enjoy the holiday!

8th grade is doing a lab that needs soil samples.  Please bring in a small beg of soil and label the location where it was collected.  Any student can bring it in.  It would be interesting to see soil from other places if you are traveling this holiday.

Homework due Fri, Nov 21

Report card pick up is Wednesday, Nov 12 from 11:45 AM-6:45 PM

All grades-

  • Answer the questions of First Quarter Reflections honestly.  The purpose of this exercise is to help you reflect on what actions helped you learn and what changes can be made to improve your learning next quarter.  This is also an opportunity to share suggestions for how I can improve your learning experience.


**8th grade is doing a lab which needs soil samples.  Please bring in a small bag of soil and label where the soil came from.  Anyone can bring in a small bag of dirt to support our 8th grade students.8th grad

Homework Assignment due Monday for Homerooms 301, 306 & 307

Students need to write their procedure for Racing M&M Colors Lab

What you need to do:

  1. Write the question:  “Do some M&M colors dissolve in water faster than others?”
  2. List your materials. (see note below)
  3. List the steps of your procedure.
  4. Email your plan to me at and I will give you feedback.  PUT YOUR NAME AND HOMEROOM IN THE SUBJECT.
  5. Bring a copy to tape into your notebook.

Note:  I can provide some materials if we have them.  If you need supplies other ones we have used in class before, be sure to ask or plan to bring what you need.  I have clear plates, cups, spoons, M&Ms, and a stopwatch.  I may have other materials but you will need to ask.


TIPS:  Be specific.  Write what you will DO.  How much will you need?  When will you know that the M&M is dissolved?


Rubric: Lab Investigation Design(from SEPUP)

4- Student accomplishes level 3 and goes beyond in some significant way such as:

*identifying alternate procedures

*suggesting improved materials

*relating clearly to scientific principles and approaches

3- Student’s design is appropriate and has a reproducible procedure, if required

2- Student’s design or procedure is incomplete and/or has significant errors

1- Student’s design or procedure is incorrect or demonstrates a lack of understanding of the goals of the investigation.

teacher note: for level 4 “relating to scientific principles and approaches I specifically look for and encourage students to label the independent, dependent, and control variables