Quarter 3 & 4 (in Progress): Life Science


7.L.2.1 (Evolution and Genetics) Explain why offspring that result from sexual reproduction (fertilization and meiosis) have greater variation than offspring that result from asexual reproduction (budding and mitosis)


Patterns of Heredity



Punnett Squares

Punnett Square Videos used in our class stations:

Punnett Square Games

Dihybrid Crosses

7.L.2.2 (Evolution and Genetics) Infer patterns of heredity using information from Punnett squares and pedigree analysis.

Essential Vocabulary 7.L.2.2


7.L.2.3 (Evolution and Genetics) Explain the impact of the environment and lifestyle choices on biological inheritance (to include common genetic diseases) and survival.

Essential Vocabulary 7.L.2.3

Genetic and Environmental Factors (Nature vs Nurture)

Genetic Diseases


7.L.1.1 (Structures and Functions of Living Organisms) Compare the structures and life functions of single-celled organisms that carry out all of the basic functions of life including: • Euglena; • Amoeba; • Paramecium; • Volvox

Essential Vocabulary 7.L.1.1

7.L.1.2 (Structures and Functions of Living Organisms) Compare the structures and functions of plant and animal cells, including major organelles (cell membrane, cell wall, nucleus, chloroplasts, mitochondria, and vacuoles).

Essential Vocabulary 7.L.1.2

3-D Cell Organelles (click images for details about each organelle)

7.L.1.3 (Structures and Functions of Living Organisms) Summarize the hierarchical organization of multi-cellular organisms from cells to tissues to organs to systems to organisms.

Essential Vocabulary 7.L.1.3


7.L.1.4 (Structures and Functions of Living Organisms) Summarize the general functions of the major systems of the human body (digestion, respiration, reproduction, circulation, and excretion) and ways that these systems interact with each other to sustain life

Essential Vocabulary 7.L.1.4


Unit 2: Atmosphere & Weather tutorial page

Structure and Composition

Structure and Composition lecture video (20 min)


High and Low Pressure  (Thanks ID for sharing this link!)


Air Masses and Fronts

Image result for cold warm stationary and occluded fronts

La Nina/El Nino & Air Masses and Fronts by EIU– I really like how this site has pictures of weather maps alongside pictures explaining how different air masses form each kind of front.  Scroll down to see this.



Coriolis Effect

Coriolis effect on atmospheric circulation.


Why does wind get deflected RIGHT in the Northern hemisphere and storms spin COUNTER-CLOCKWISE in the Northern hemisphere?  This video explains why.



Family STEAM Night

Image result for steam night

Family STEAM Night

(Science Technology Engineering Art Math)

Thursday, May 11, 2017

5:00-6:30 pm

Math Games!  Estimation Station!  Drumming!

Science Experiments!  Wood-Shop!  Building Activities!

Line Dancing!  Raffles!  Refreshments and More…


Social Studies Project: Amazon Rain Forest Animals

First 2 pages due this Wed. Students created therubric which is linked on our class website ComeLearnMore.com (go to course- 2016 SocialStudies- and the link to rubric is in red). This is a direct link

There will be a total of 6 pages due; these are the first 2. Students can choose the animal they want to do for each page but they must live in the Amazon rainforest ecosystem.