Science Fair Paper help

If you want me to look over the final draft of your paper and offer suggestions, you need to email it to me before Thanksgiving break.  Use Google Docs and then share it so I can edit.  That way I can make suggestions directly in the document.

Remember that the entire science fair project is due Dec 1st.

Due Tomorrow, Oct 20 in Science Fair Packet

All due dates for the science fair are listed on page 3 of your packet.  Use this link if you need to reprint your packet.

Due Tues, Oct 20:

  • Topic (see category list pg 5-7 of packet)
  • Problem Statement (in the form of a question, write it on page 13 of the packet using the Science Lab Report Organizer Rough Draft)
  • Safety Sheet (page 23 of packet)

If you plan to have a partner you need a note from BOTH parents saying you have their permission to work with the other student and where/when you will meet.  You need to plan to meet at least once a week.

KEEP YOUR PACKET TOGETHER!  You will fill in the parts as they are due and your parents and teacher will sign off on page 3 as they check each part.  Do not pull your packet apart.