Invention Convention Friday, March 6th

Students will present their inventions at the 2nd annual Washington Irving Invention Convention on Friday, March 6, 2015.  Students should bring to school their invention, board, and student journal.

There will be no AOW assignment due until after the Invention Convention to give students more time to work on their project.

I will be staying after school on Thursday as usual to help as needed.

Invention Convention Help

Check out this page to keep you stay on track for the Invention Convention:

Invention Convention- How To Get Started

It will walk you through the steps so that you can make sure you’re on track.  You should be on step 5- make your prototype.

The Irving Invention Convention is March 6th.

Remember that I am available for help.  In addition to when I see you in class, I get to school early and I stay after on Thursdays.

Project Reminders- Last day to turn in Jan 25th

If you turned in your assignment on Edmodo and it was complete, I have graded it. Remember that the rubric asks you to turn in a chart AND an essay. The essay needs you to choose TWO best- one best for introducing punnett squares and another one best for reviewing before a test on punnett squares. If you do not include an essay, the best possible grade is 60%. If you do not include BOTH choices in the essay, the best possible grade is an 80%. You have until Jan 25 to fix things for a better grade if you were missing parts. If you turned it in and there is no grade, I wrote a comment about what you are missing.

Punnett video project set up

I’ve uploaded the set up page again here- I got a comment asking for help with the original file link.  Remember that there are 2 parts to turn in: the chart summarizing the videos you find, and an essay explaining which 2 videos are best (one best for introducing punnett squares and one best for reviewing punnett squares).  You turn all of this in on Edmodo.

If you log in to Edmodo, I also sent a note to every class with the set up file attached.  (it shows up as a post in the middle)



Where is the project info?

Here’s a direct link

To find it any time:

1.  Go to the workshop we’re in (right now it’s #11- Punnett Squares)

2.  Scroll down to “Assignments”  (the icon looks like a graded paper with check marks)

3.  Click the link for the project you want (right now we’re doing the Punnett Square Video Evaluation Project, due 1/25/13)

Upcoming Tests & Projects

Today we broke into color groups so that students can work on their specific skills.

Tomorrow we will have laptops in class to start working on the Punnett Squares Video Evaluation Project (due no later than Friday, January 25th)

Next Tuesday, Jan 15 will be a vocabulary test focused on the 6 key terms: dominant, recessive, genotype, phenotype, homozygous, and heterozygous.  This is the last test to count for this quarter’s grade.

Tuesday, Jan 25 is the Punnett Squares Test.