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AOW (Article of the Week) is due EVERY Friday (I will accept until Friday at midnight).  You may do articles ahead of time during a grading period.  I will accept ONE extra article as extra credit per grading period, but all other articles must be completed and it must be turned in a full week before the end of the grading period to be counted as extra credit.

AOW Directions:

1.  Choose an article online (If you use a printed article that is not online you must give me a copy).  The article must be related to science.  This AOW book icon above links you to many sites that have science articles.

You will need to copy the link for the article so Mrs. Falwell can read it.  The link will be in the bar at the top of the screen.  For example, the link to this page is      http://comelearnmore.com/     To copy, highlight the whole link, hold the ctrl button and c key at the same time.  To paste, put your cursor where you want to put the link and then hold the ctrl button and the v key at the same time.

2.  Do a close reading.

3.  Answer the AOW questions fully and in complete sentences.  This paper and pencil icon above links you to the questions form.