Homework 9/12/16

Science: Sign Lab Safety Rules

Due previously: Media Consent Form

Homeroom: Emergency Forms

Social Studies: Geography Packet (has map questions for each day of the week, entire packet will be collected Monday)

**Students were given a calendar to record their homework.  It’s on bright yellow paper.

Vocabulary Test Thurs, Jan 28, 2016

Classes create a vocabulary list based on what we are studying.  The list will close on Tuesday and the test will be Thursday.  Students need to be able to define and use the terms.

6th grade classes 215 & 235 list:

  1. absorb
  2. abundant
  3. altitude
  4. atmosphere
  5. composition
  6. convection
  7. density
  8. omit
  9. radiation
  10. reflect

6th grade 222 list:

  1. abundant
  2. altitude
  3. analogy
  4. atmosphere
  5. balloonist
  6. composition
  7. density
  8. hurtling
  9. reflect
  10. radiation

7th grade 218 list:

  1. control variable
  2. dependent variable
  3. red blood cell
  4. white blood cell
  5. hemophilia
  6. independent variable
  7. plasma
  8. platelet
  9. variable

**Note: middle school students have homework every night except Friday.  This week 6th grade students have a daily science worksheet and to study their vocabulary each night.  7th grade students have an informational text with questions and to study their vocabulary each night.



6th grade- Earth Model.  Students were given the shape (started as 4 circles which attach together).  You must put at least 2 facts per layer to achieve a level 3 “meets” expectations.  Adding more facts will earn you points toward a level 4 “exceeds.”  This project is due NO LATER than Friday.  Write your name and homeroom number on the world with the continents.  The facts can be on any part of the paper with that layer- For example, you do not have to write so tiny that it fits in the skinny area of the crust.

7th grade- variables sheet due Tuesday.  You will also get on Wed which will be due Thurs.

6th grade Earthquake Public Service Announcement

6th grade students need to finish their public service announcement about earthquakes.  It needs to include

  • What causes earthquakes?
  • What should a person do to be safe during an earthquake?
  • Why is it important for someone to know about earthquakes?  (Why should they pay attention to this announcement?)

This is the article you had access to in class about earthquake risk in the USA

8th grade- Newton’s Laws Stations End of Lab Assessment

Students began this in class and some took it home to finish.

Directions:  Choose one station and explain how it demonstrates more than one of Newton’s laws of motion.

To achieve a level 3 (meets expectations):

  • describe what happened
  • state the 2 laws
  • explain how it demonstrates those 2 laws
  • use the terms of the laws
  • include an illustration
  • **make direct connections**

To achieve a level 4 (exceeds expectations)

  • see list above
  • connect to all 3 laws

Please use current link for AOW

The AOW link on the website is updated each quarter so that your answers get recorded for the current grading period.  Please make sure that you use the current link to enter your question answers.  It will say “3rd quarter” in the title.  The icon on ComeLearnMore.com that looks like a pencil and paper will always have the current link.  If you bookmarked the page last quarter you are not using the current link.

Since this has come to my attention I will be checking the timestamp for items that were submitted on the wrong link and I will give you credit for the work you did.  I will work to make the old link unavailable to help avoid this confusion in the future.

Electricity Concept Map due Tues/Wed, Sign progress reports, AOW



5th-8th grade students started creating a concept map for Electricity on Friday.  They need to use words and pictures to explain what they learned about electricity.

These are key terms from the unit to help you plan and create your concept map:

  • Insulator
  • Conductor
  • Dry Cell
  • Electron
  • Electromagnetism
  • Electroplating
  • Schematic Model
  • Contact Point
  • Parallel
  • In Opposition
  • In Series

There is more than one way to design your concept map.  Think of it like a mini-poster explaining electricity to someone using words and pictures.


Students were given a detailed progress report for my class which shows individual assignments which needs to be signed and returned.  This is a homework grade.



Homework, Invention Convention Fri Jan 16

AOW (Article Of the Week) due by midnight tonight.  Remember you will have an AOW due next Fri.  You may do ONE additional AOW for extra credit 2nd quarter if it is turned in by next Fri (Jan 23).

Signed Invention Convention form is due next Friday with $5 for your board.  Remember that if you want to work with a partner, BOTH must turn in a signed form stating your parents give you permission to work with the other person by Jan 23.

Today in class students got a calendar and made a plan for how they would break down the steps of this project.  The Invention Convention project is due March 6th.