Due Tomorrow, Oct 20 in Science Fair Packet

All due dates for the science fair are listed on page 3 of your packet.  Use this link if you need to reprint your packet.

Due Tues, Oct 20:

  • Topic (see category list pg 5-7 of packet)
  • Problem Statement (in the form of a question, write it on page 13 of the packet using the Science Lab Report Organizer Rough Draft)
  • Safety Sheet (page 23 of packet)

If you plan to have a partner you need a note from BOTH parents saying you have their permission to work with the other student and where/when you will meet.  You need to plan to meet at least once a week.

KEEP YOUR PACKET TOGETHER!  You will fill in the parts as they are due and your parents and teacher will sign off on page 3 as they check each part.  Do not pull your packet apart.

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