Quiz Tues and a heads up about next week’s homework

Our first quiz is Tuesday on observation and inference.  Students should be able to define and identify examples of observation (both qualitative and quantitative kinds of observation) and inference.

Students took a “practice” quiz yesterday so they could see how tests are set up.  I create tests in sections so that students and I can tell exactly what they know and what they need help with.  When a scantron is graded, you can quickly see which section has those red marks indicating a concept that has not yet been mastered. 

Next week we will get into workshop #4 on the atmosphere.  You will be doing a “fun notes” activity.  I’ve already posted the fun notes sheet and some resources to use when researching the layers of the atmosphere.  Your fun notes should be done on white copy paper- you can use the regular 8.5 x 11″ size or the large 11 x 17 size.  Do not use anything larger than 11 x17! (that means DO NOT USE A POSTER!)  Atmosphere Layers fun notes are due no later than Friday, Sept 14.  You may turn it in early, but you LATE ATMOSPHERE LAYERS FUN NOTES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!

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